UK Norfolk Breaks

Choosing a cottage for you and your family’s UK Norfolk break can be quite a task especially if you are not familiar with the area. There are so many of them around, all claiming to be the best, that in many cases guests end up staying in the wrong place simply because they didn’t have the right information. At Wheatacre Hall Barns we believe in educating our prospective customers so that they can always make the best choices when it comes to holiday destinations. To that end, we have compiled a brief list of what you should take into account when you are choosing holiday cottages for you and your loved ones.

• The first thing that you should do is create a budget. Holidays can be tricky things – you may end up spending more than you should have or worse, you may end up running short of money before your holiday is over. To avoid either of these scenarios you should create a budget that covers everything that you think you will spend money on – travel, accommodation, leisure, day visits, tips, food, drinks, gifts etc.

• How will you get to Norfolk? If you are travelling from within the UK this shouldn’t be too complicated but if you are coming in from another country this is something that you should consider carefully. If you have children or elderly family members coming with you on holiday think about the form of travel that will be most comfortable for them. If you are driving in from a distance away, for instance, a car may not be a good idea because it can get rather cramped. Would hiring a van be a better idea? Can you get to your destination by taking the train and then a taxi? All these considerations will help you figure out the best way to travel to and from your holiday.

• Getting there is just the tip of the iceberg. After that you have to move around. You need to decide in advance how you will get from place to place. Most people choose car hire and this is fine if you are a British national but it is quite another story for foreigners. They have to either hire a driver or take a driving test to obtain the necessary paperwork. That said, there is enough local transportation in Norfolk to get you to most places that you want to go.

• What size of accommodation do you need? Cottages in Norfolk come in different sizes. There are some that are designed for couples while others can hold entire families. You should also decide whether you will all be staying in one cottage. If you are travelling with your parents for instance they may prefer to sleep in a cottage of their own. You should be aware that in most cottages you can get an additional bed for a fee.

• Another thing to note is whether your holiday is self-catering or not. There are plenty of cottages in Norfolk that are self-catering. This means that you prepare all your meals and do your laundry. The great thing with this is that you can eat whatever you want – you are not restricted by a menu.

These tips should help you find suitable Norfolk holiday cottages.

Weekend Breaks in Suffolk & Norfolk

There are times in life when you just know it’s time to get away from everything. Sometimes it’s a feeling in your heart and other times it is when you are exhausted and your body is telling you it’s time for a change. Getting away from work and the hustle and bustle of daily life is sometimes just what the doctor ordered for stress relief and relaxation.

If you live in the UK, you have likely heard of the beauty of Norfolk. There is a lovely countryside in the area that is unforgettable. Rolling hills, green pastures, and beautiful nature are what this countryside consists of. For those from the city, a weekend break to this type of serene atmosphere can truly make a big difference and be the break that has been needed.

There are beautiful holiday cottages in the Waveney Valley, which is south of Norfolk. These holiday cottages are unlike any you have seen before. They are converted barns that still contain a country appeal while also providing a beautiful modern appearance. These are considered luxury cottages and for good reason. They are updated in modern furnishings, décor, and all of the amenities one might expect when taking a weekend break or special holiday.

The luxury cottages are truly perfect for a couple or even a family. There are spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms to allow for space and peace for all. Every modern convenience that one might need is available in the rooms. Televisions, cooking appliances, cozy furniture, and much more are available. It will be as though you are staying in a top rated hotel in the middle of the countryside of Norfolk.

Pet owners will be pleased to have a weekend break in Norfolk’s beautiful countryside. The cottages are pet friendly and owners don’t have to worry about what to do with their beloved animals. The pets can enjoy the green pastures and open land as far as the eye can see. It is a nice holiday not only for the pet owners but the pets themselves.

Taking advantage of the scenery around is something many visitors can’t get enough of. Taking long strolls through the pasture and into nature can be quite invigorating and peaceful. People that live in large cities often marvel at the fact there are no loud traffic noises. The only noises often heard are those sounds that the dairy cows make and the other animals that live in Norfolk’s countryside.

Enjoying a weekend break alone or with a spouse or with a family is something that is important for everyone. It allows the body and mind to rest and relax and focus solely on pleasure. A weekend break to holiday cottages in Norfolk can even be an excellent romantic getaway for a couple. This is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places one can visit in the United Kingdom. Enjoying the beauty of the countryside and staying in a luxury cottage is something that sounds like a dream. Fortunately, that dream is indeed a reality and a wonderful adventure awaits all those that choose to come.

Norfolk Cottages for Holidays

Every year, millions of people decide to take a holiday. This is because life can be stressful and it’s very important to take some time off for relaxation and pleasure. It gets people back in a good frame of mind and allows them a chance to de-stress. One of the biggest choices in enjoying a trip is choosing where to go. This can be done with some serious consideration.

Many that live in the city look for a way to get out of town and away from the traffic and noise. The excitement of the big city can even get wearing to the most happy of city dwellers. It loses some of its luster after working and living there for a while. Enjoying a holiday to a peaceful destination is often the best solution for those that simply need a break from the big city.

One excellent choice for a getaway is visiting the countryside of the United Kingdom. Specifically, the south of Norfolk and its beautiful green pastures and dairy farms. It is like a jewel that is hidden away and that some have never even heard of. There are stunning luxury cottages along the Waveney Valley that are nestled along the tranquility of nature.

The Norfolk cottages for holiday are remodeled and refurbished barns. They are beautifully designed and aesthetically amazing. The cottages have a traditional farm appeal and yet have an updated appearance. Inside, there is every modern convenience that one would expect when taking a vacation. There are amenities and luxuries abound inside each unique cottage.

Visitors are pleased to find completely furnished accommodations that are lovely in design and comfortable in feel. There are lovely couches, dining tables, bedroom furniture, and more to enjoy. Also, it is filled with all of the modern appliances that one would expect. This includes a stove, television, refrigerator, and coffee maker. Guests often enjoy making a cup of coffee and stepping outside to enjoy the view while drinking it.

People can bring their pets as well to the beautiful Norfolk cottages for holidays. These pet friendly accommodations are a great way to enjoy a vacation while also bringing pets. People often find that their pets enjoy themselves as much as they do due to their ability to run freely in the green pastures and take long walks through nature with their owner.

Staying in this area allows for some local sightseeing as well. The cities of Norfolk and Suffolk are nearby and each offer unique things to do. There are even sandy beaches nearby that people can go to for a swim or a stroll along the beach. Some of the local restaurants are well-known for delicious food and that is often something that visitors want to try.

Enjoying a holiday in the countryside of the UK can be a wonderful experience for couples, families, and even busy singles that need a tranquil trip. Many that come to visit this amazing place often want to come back again one day. It is truly a unique experience and one that is both lavish and peaceful combined.

Short Breaks in Norfolk Cottages

Short Breaks in Norfolk Cottages

The beautiful rural surrounding of South Norfolk glows with a serenity that attracts any holiday seeking wanderlust. If you are in the spirit of a short relaxing break away from the bustle of city life, Norfolk Holiday Cottages should be your one-stop holiday destination. There is certainly a lot to see and indulge in, all the while having the most nostalgic fun moments.

Luxurious Cottages

The South Norfolk cottages are a sight to behold boasting of former barns that were stylistically converted into luxurious modern accommodation. It is the perfect place to have a feel of both urban and rustic. The beauty of it all is that most of the rural features have been left intact on the barns-cum-cottages and the interior is just magnificent.

Picturesque Surrounding

As you leave the city and venture into the country setting, you are immediately lured by the breath-taking scenery carpeting Norfolk’s entirety. The Norfolk cottages are located within a fully functional arable and dairy farm surrounded by the serene Waveney Valley that connects the Norfolk broads. There are notable attractions in the area as well like the medieval city of Norwich, the summer sandy beaches, and iconic monuments like the Wheatacre Hall Barns.


The Norfolk Holiday cottages all come with central heating that is functional throughout your stay at the barn. There are kitchen amenities like dishwasher, freezer, fridge, microwave and an automatic washing machine for convenient laundering. There is a big screen LCD TV in every barn with video and DVD players, CD players or radio and iPod docking units.

Despite being out in the wild, you can still get access to internet right from your room. Every barn has a private hairdryer for the family, clean linen duvets and fresh towels supplied by the Cottage owners. Parking space is available, a scenic garden and a patio connecting to an open barbecue area.

For the family travelling with a pet, the Norfolk Holiday Cottages are more than welcome to accommodate your canine or feline member into the stay. For just a small fee, you can have your pet at the vicinity and they will receive the same high class treatment as your family. An extra bed, cot, stair gate or high chair or a special sleeping place for your pet can be provided upon your request.

Things to Do

Every cottage has a private sit-out area for the full family and unlimited access to the farm grounds. So if you feel like having an early morning activity with your family, you can have a mini educative farm walk, an outdoor hot-tub or off-the-farm activities like bird watching and cycling. If you still have some energy in the evening, there is a games room with plenty of games for all ages as well as an indoor gym to keep you fit even as you enjoy the rural farm life.

Are you looking for a quiet inexpensive way to spend a short break with your family? The Norfolk Holiday Cottages provide this needed break from the city life and with multiple amenities to cater for your whole family.

Short Breaks in the Countryside

Everyone, regardless of what they do for a living, deserves a break from time to time. You want to get away from the hassle of everyday life so that you can relax and unwind. You want to be somewhere quiet and different but not so different that you are out of your comfort zone. One such destination is Wheatacre Hall Barns in Norfolk, UK. If you are looking for countryside serenity in top quality lodgings this is the place to be. It is located on a working dairy farm in Wavaney Valley close to Norfolk Broads. This makes it ideal for those who want to spend some time in the country as well as on the beach during their time off.

One thing that makes Wheatacre Hall Barns such a great getaway is their lodgings. They are comprised of British barns converted into cottages but the owners were keen to retain most of the original features. You get the real feel of a rustic British countryside at this holiday location. The cottages come in different sizes and you can choose depending on how many of you will be staying. Each room is fully furnished including a fully fitted kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals. For those who do not want to bring their groceries the local town, Beccles, is just one mile away and there are all kinds of businesses there where visitors can buy groceries and more.

Many guests who visit also appreciate the fact that they enjoy lots of privacy. The cottages have been constructed in such a way that no guest is able to see into another’s cottage. Bask in the morning sunshine without the fear that someone may be spying on you. There is also a hot tub where you can while away the time as you enjoy a glass of wine.

A holiday is not complete without activities to take up the time and fortunately, there are plenty of those in and around Wheatacre Hall Barns. In the compound there is a family fitness room as well as a fitness barn where you can while away a few hours every day. Wavaney valley is quite close and it can be quite a treat for those who love to fish – there are many different species to catch and there is no reason why some of your catch cannot become your dinner. There are several other fishing spots within walking distance if you want to explore. In addition all the open countryside offers you a lot to do. You can take long walks and see British architecture at its best in the halls and mansions around. There are also many tourist attractions is the area all of which offer visitors a look into British rural life. The dairy farm on which the cottages are located are also a hit with many guests as they can watch as the cows are milked, eggs collected and even how some of the crops are grown, tended and harvest.

Pet & Child Friendly Cottages

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill holidays that are just about staying in hotels? How about you try out something new, something like Wheatacre Hall Barns in Norfolk, UK? It is a whole new way of looking at a holiday. We are located in Wavaney Valley right in the Norfolk countryside and you will find that staying with us is as satisfactory if not more as staying at a hotel. We are surrounded by beautiful British countryside on all sides and the beach is quite close which means you will get to enjoy both the countryside and the beach.

Although there are many cottages for holiday all across the country Wheatacre Hall Barns is different. For one, we have cottages that are made using the highest hospitality standards. Located on our working dairy farm of 1,100 acres, they were all once barns. We converted them into cottages but left most of the original woodwork in so as not to lose the rustic feel that is appreciated by so many. Each of our 8 cottages is fully furnished and has a kitchen that is fully fitted to allow you to prepare your own meals. You never have to be tied to inflexible hotel menus if you choose to take your holidays at Wheatacre Hall Barns. The rest of the rooms are fully supplied so the only thing that you have to bring with you when you arrive is your kitchen supplies.

It is very important that holidays have activities that can fill out the days. That is why our location is so convenient. To start with, the rolling countryside is a great place to take long walks. You will see a lot of Norfolk architecture. Look out for hidden waterways as many of them crisscross the landscape. After your walk you can go fishing in one of the many fishing locations around. There are many species of fish for you to catch. In addition to that, the area has a healthy population of different species of birds so birdwatchers are in for a treat. If you want to do something outside there are many tourist attractions to choose from. Many of them are close enough for you to walk. You can also choose to dabble in a bit of history in Norwich which is less than 1 hour away by car. There is a great market for trinkets there where you can buy gifts for your family and friends.

If you care for the environment you will be happy to know to know that we practice green tourism. We have planted hundreds of trees in the area and we continue to plant hundreds of metres of hedgerows. We take active steps to keep the local bee population healthy and we feed birds in the winter. We have our own farm which has 200 cows, 12,000 chickens and other farm animals. We also plant crops which we sell locally. You are welcome to buy some to take back home with you after your holiday.

Call us on 01502 677208 or book your holiday cottage by clicking on any of the cottages on the website.

Countryside Cottages in Norfolk & Suffolk

You have little kids. The last time you went on family holiday you ended up being more tired than relaxed; they were irritated because of the limitations that come with staying in a hotel. They constantly moved around and you had to keep up which left you worn out. You had a hard time with their meals because they are picky. This happens to many families in the UK every year and it doesn’t have to be like that. Wheatacre Barn Halls is a holiday destination that allows you to bring your kids and even your pet and experience a perfectly peaceful and relaxing holiday.

How do we do that?

We are located in Norfolk right in the countryside. Our accommodation is comprised of self-catering cottages. There is plenty of countryside all around and your kids can run around all day to burn off the extra energy. All around us are scenic places where you can enjoy long walks. If that is not enough for you how abut you take them to the beach which is just a short walk away? In a few hours they will have played so much, they will be exhausted and they will fall asleep leaving you enough time to relax.

Our cottages are prepared for the guests with the best of care. They are all made from converted barns and they sit on our family farm of 1,100 acres. Although converted, we retained most of the original features in order not to lose the uniqueness of the British cottage. You don’t have to worry about what your kids will eat because you get to prepare for them the foods that they enjoy. Every room in the cottage is fully kitted and all you need to bring with your for your stay is kitchen supplies. We also have a barbecue in case you want to do some outdoors cooking. If your kids are very young and will be needing a cot or a stair gate please call us in advance so that we can put them in your room.

As for you, there is plenty that you can do. Other than the long walks in the countryside, you can see the local tourist attractions. There are many close to us and some are so close that you can walk there. There is even a specially themed park for kids that will keep them busy all day. If you want them to stay near the cottages we have a fitness barn with plenty for them to do.

We are very environment conscious and we encourage all our guests to do what they can during their stay to conserve the environment. We ask them, for example, to recycle things like newspapers. We have planted many trees and hedgerows in the area and we also take care of the local bird and bee populations.

Lastly, we have a farm that your kids will love. It has 200 cows, many thousands of chickens and other domestic animals. Your kids can walk around and see them and even see the cows getting milked in the afternoons.

UK Family Cottages in Norfolk

Heading on a holiday can be the highlight of a family’s summer or special time of year. It is something to look forward to and daydream about until it actually happens. The idea of going on a family holiday is quite a fantasy for one’s imagination. The good news is that planning the family holiday can be pleasant and easy once a destination has been decided upon.

There are many destinations that sound great. One unique idea for UK families is to visit UK family cottages in Norfolk. Cottages are a quaint, quiet getaway for people to enjoy that gets them away from the busy lives that they lead. Those that live in an urban area often lament that they can’t visit the countryside often enough and long to enjoy the peace and quiet. Countryside cottages in Norfolk can be a wonderful holiday for families that need the tranquility it offers.

There are some lovely UK family cottages in Norfolk that allow families to enjoy the quiet, the beauty, and the charms. Imagine walking outside onto a lovely view of rolling hills, farm animals that are chewing the grass lazily, and beauty as far as the eye can see. Nature is in abundance in the countryside area of Norfolk. Families can enjoy a long, lazy walk along the hills and rivers that make up this stunning area. Morning coffee can be enjoyed in peace on the outside deck or while sitting at the kitchen table and looking out the long windows that give views for miles.

Cottages can be beautiful and luxurious and offer all of life’s amenities. There may be quiet quaintness to the area, but the luxuries of life can be enjoyed as well. Many of the UK family cottages in Norfolk come outfitted with televisions, lovely full kitchens, updated appliances, and full bedrooms with comfortable bedding. The amenities inside the cottage are bar none and the views of the unspoiled outdoors are unforgettable.

There are some interesting things to enjoy in the nearby city as well. There are beaches to enjoy close by for families that stay in the countryside of Norfolk. Also, many attractions and events can be visited during the stay within a short drive. Families can take advantage of all of the area’s beauty, attractions, events, and luxuries while staying in a beautiful cottage along the hills and valleys.

Taking a holiday to a cottage can be calming and fun simultaneously. The calming atmosphere can go a long way toward clearing the mind and allowing peace to be enjoyed. No busy highways and loud traffic noises to listen to in the morning. Instead, the sound of the wind rustling and the faint breezes can be felt and the sun can be enjoyed completely while walking onto the beautiful nature right outside your cottage door. Fun can be a part of the holiday as well with plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed, family time together to laugh and play, and visits to local attractions and events. Visiting UK family cottages in Norfolk can truly be a memorable holiday for all.

Norfolk Cottages: Pet Friendly & Luxury Accommodation

Going on holiday is an exciting time in one’s life. It’s something to look forward to when life’s responsibilities are going on every day. Going to work every single day can have its impact on even the most dedicated worker or business owner. There must be time set aside for relaxation and rest in order to keep refreshed and rejuvenated. Choosing a location for holiday can seem like a difficult choice when there are many places to visit that sound attractive.

Many people have things to consider when going on a holiday. One of those considerations is whether or not to bring a pet. Some people don’t want to go anywhere without their beloved furry friends. This is understandable and quite common. There are some excellent destinations that do allow pets to come along with their owners. One excellent UK pet friendly accommodation in Norfolk is cottages that lie on the county side of this lovely area.

Choosing to visit this lovely area is an easy for those that need to get out of the city and want to enjoy the slower pace of a farming area. With rolling hills and beautiful green pastures, this area is well-known for being tranquil and absolutely stunning. There are lovely rivers and streams to enjoy throughout the area as well. The cottages featured in this area are not simple and minimally furnished either as one might think. There are luxury cottages available that feature all of the amenities a discriminating traveler would expect for themselves and their guests that they might bring along, including their furry guests.

Many of the luxury cottages feature updated appliances, beautiful full kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, and newer televisions. This allows for people to enjoy all of the comforts of home with a touch of class and pizazz. The warmth of the cottage can be truly appreciated with all of its lovely furnishings. The view outside of the door and windows is certainly something that can’t be explained in words. The beautiful country view outside of the windows can only be described as peaceful nature at its finest.

This UK pet friendly accommodation in Norfolk can also be a great holiday for the pets. With its expanse of open green farms and land, pets can enjoy running freely for miles and miles. Owners can also enjoy long scenic walks with their pets and get an excellent hike in while enjoying the sheer beauty of the nature in the country side. Visiting this area may be the perfect getaway for busy people that need a tranquil break and for them to allow their pets to enjoy the fun too.

Rest and relaxation can also be a part of the holiday at the cottages in Norfolk. Lazy afternoons of easy strolls or lying in bed until noon can be a part of the trip. There are no alarms to wake you up and force you to get out of bed. No work and no responsibilities on this holiday adventure. Enjoying the peace of the country and the luxuries of pampering yourself at your own leisure are the tasks at hand.

Luxury Norfolk Cottages

When it’s time for holiday, many are indeed ready for the vacation at hand. Working for months can create stress and leave little time for enjoyment and relaxation. A holiday is something everyone needs to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. A holiday to remember is often the goal of families and singles alike and choosing the right destination is probably the most important choice in the process.

Selecting the right destination isn’t always as easy as one might think. There are many things to take into consideration when making their minds up. The location, the climate, the amenities, and the cost are all things one must take into consideration. For those that live in urban areas, they often want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Visiting luxury Norfolk cottages has become a popular choice for busy corporate executives, large families, and anyone and everyone in between. This is because it provides a peaceful landscape and all of nature’s benefits all in one.

While the outdoors in this area can be described as lovely and tranquil, the luxury Norfolk cottages are highly impressive. They are outfitted with the best in appliances, furniture, televisions, and bedroom furnishings. It’s like staying in a five star hotel in the middle of the English country side. Guests get to enjoy all of the comforts of home while also experiencing nature’s beauty right outside their windows.

The cottages are furnished beautifully and allow for plenty of room for guests to stay and relax. They even allow pets to come with their owners. This is an excellent help for pet owners that don’t want to make arrangements for their pets to stay at kennels or at a friend’s home. People with families will also be pleased with the luxury accommodations and spacious surroundings. It allows for everyone to have plenty of room and comfort at their fingertips.

The area of Norfolk allows its guests to have many activities to choose from. With the rolling hills and grassy green farmland, people can take long strolls and enjoy all aspects of the natural beauty. It can be a relaxing and peaceful way to get exercise in and also clear the mind. There are no loud traffic noises and busy streets to worry about. Many find that they can truly become refreshed when having a holiday in the English country side of Norfolk.

Luxury Norfolk cottages are an excellent holiday destination for those that also want to visit the local attractions and events. There are nearby beaches to visit and also attractions that many would like to visit. Staying at the cottages can allow for easy travel between attractions and give guests the chance to take in all of the Norfolk area that they want during their stay.

There are even farm animals to see while visiting the area. Cows can be observed chewing on the grass or walking lazily along the green grassy hills. It is a quaint experience for those that have never visited a true dairy farm before. Those that want a unique and relaxing holiday would do well to visit this stunning area of the UK.